Whatever it takes :)

Marielle A. Nery
BS Marketing Management
De La Salle University

November 26, 2011 5:42 am

Business? Or Corporate World?

Before graduating high school, the question of where to study college and what course to take is faced every day, may it be personally or in written information sheets and self assessments. I remember putting “I’m still undecided as to what I want to do after graduating college but it all boils down to working in a big company or putting up my own business”. So then, I decided to take up Marketing Management in De La Salle University to be a part of one of the best business schools in the country. I have always dreamed of working in multinational companies (or be a newscaster) and actually have a high position there, well, since it is a fact that graduates of DLSU and ADMU have an edge and tend to get chosen over others.

However, now that I’m about to graduate from college and finally entering the real world, I am again confused as to what to do with my life. I am now considering putting up businesses instead of putting all my time and effort into a company I don’t own because mainly, the difference is that, being your own boss doesn’t require your full time to earn money and you actually earn more. You get to do what you want and be where you please and still have the business rolling on its own. I don’t mind working for someone who sits behind a bigger desk than me as long as I’m happy with what I do but now the thought of leaving the walls of my alma mater and doing things without getting spoon fed by my parents fears me because this is really it and life starts that instant. Now, I’m planning to do both things at the same time. Let’s just see how that goes..