Whatever it takes :)

Marielle A. Nery
BS Marketing Management
De La Salle University

November 26, 2011 5:44 am

It begins and ends with poverty

Poverty is indeed the one topic everyone’s talking about. It’s like a day doesn’t go by without even thinking about it because of the poor people rampantly existing everywhere you look. Alleviating poverty is a never ending puzzle everybody is trying to solve and get through. The economic growth and development does not go parallel with booming population which makes it even harder to lessen poverty in the world.

It scares me a lot to think that with the increasing number of the poor and those with nothing, more and more crimes will occur. They feel like there’s nothing else left for them and the only way out of famine is to go against what is moral and lawful. Even before I started college, I saw the many sidecar drivers lurking in Taft Avenue and around De La Salle University itself. When I moved here from Bicol, I feared for my belongings and my life every time I walked past them even though the sun was still high up. It’s very important to be very alert and vigilant of things around you. My parents always told me (and until now are still telling me) to bring my teargas at all times and have it at hand before entering my condo unit. I feel that no one can be trusted anymore and it’s always about the money.

For me, it’s never true to say “money doesn’t buy you happiness” because it does. Take for example family bonding and reunions: a member of the family at that moment can tell the others that just their presence makes the best form of happiness for each one of them, when in fact it is money that brought them all there in a nice beach resort with a lot of food. The way I see it, money gives you access to be fulfilled and satisfied though it may be indirectly done; it’s up to those in poverty or have very limited resources where they will be getting their happiness from amidst the sorrow they feel because they don’t have any.